Pasado, presente y futuro

    Autor: Isabel Dedoscruzados
    Writer and illustrator: Isabel Dedoscruzados Chilote foxes, all relatives of Ñuru, live mainly on the large island of Chiloé and the Nahuelbuta National Park, in temperate rain forests. Charles Darwin met him in 1835 south of Quellon, ...
    Autor: Sofía Sanfuentes del Río
    Writter and illustrator: Sofía Sanfuentes del Río An illustrated book featuring mongrel dogs of the Chilean streets, highlighting their presence and personality, with humor and realism. Without a doubt, these mutts are&nb...
    Autor: Macarena Roca Leiva
    Writer: Macarena Roca Leiva Illustrator: Pamela Martínez Rod Inspiring book that reveals the ancestral traditions of the Mapuche people through the figure of Domitila Cuyul, Master of Peace of the Williche, according to UNESCO an intangible cultura...
    Autor: María Teresa Johansson
    Adaptation: Mary Teresa Johansson Illustrator: Juan Urrejola Delving into Mapuche mythology is a real pleasure in the hands of the soft watercolors in this book, which explain the origin of the world. With a successful adaptation by the linguist...
    Autor: Soledad Ugarte
    Writer: Soledad Ugarte Illustrator: Virginia Donoso Book with images (illustrations and drawings) for children and young people about the history of the emblematic places of the capital of Chile that reveals itself as a place full of stories, corners and ...
    Autor: Alejandra Stevenson
    author: Alejandra Stevenson  illustrator: Francesca Mencarini Absenting is an alphabet of emotions for children (and sometimes for adults) to learn to name, distinguish and express them. Awareness of the diversity of emotions will allow you to strengthen y...
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