Why is the Center called the Center?

    Why is the Center called the Center?

    Autor: Soledad Ugarte
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    • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
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      Writer: Soledad Ugarte
      Illustrator: Virginia Donoso

      Book with images (illustrations and drawings) for children and young people about the history of the emblematic places of the capital of Chile that reveals itself as a place full of stories, corners and unimagined neighborhoods. Accompanying the brothers (Diego, Ana and Leo), their dog Aldo and their uncle Pedro on their journey, we were amazed by the photographs and drawings, and by their concern to continue discovering more and more. In this book Santiago is shown today in photos and it goes back to what it was in its origins and its history.

      Rustic cover children's book, 22 x 22 cms., interior bond 140 grs., 24 pages. 4/4.

      _ Who wants to go to the Center? -It was Grandpa Pedro who had been arriving.
      _ We, grandfather! We are going to tell the mother that we will go for a walk.

      _ But first we will review a plan to be clear
      what are we going to do today, "said Grandpa.
      _ We want to know the center-center -answered Ana.
      _ Then we will go to the Plaza de Armas and Mapocho sector,
      that will be enough for today.

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