Autor: Sofía Sanfuentes del Río
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    • Type: Libro tapa dura
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      Writter and illustrator: Sofía Sanfuentes del Río

      An illustrated book featuring mongrel dogs of the Chilean streets, highlighting their presence and personality, with humor and realism. Without a doubt, these mutts are part of the Chilean identity, inhabiting our spaces and participating in all our diverse and shared experiences. After reading this book, we will never again be able to ignore a street mutt that crosses our path in our daily lives.

      One of the best-sellers of RecreaLibros, both through public purchases and at book fairs and events.

      Children's book, hardcover, 22 x 22 cms.,interior matt coated paper 200 g, 64 pages, 4/4, hot melt

      They usually look like Pekinese dogs,
      similar to a Chinese dragon, but small.

      Color and ears like a feather duster. Somewhat woolly hair.
      He almost always has a grouchy face.
      Teeth protruding from the lower jaw
      Half-bitten tongue.
      Legs a little croocked.

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