Science in Stanzas for Violeta

    Science in Stanzas for Violeta

    Autor: Varios autores, ACHIPEC
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    • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
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      Coordinator: various authors, ACHIPEC
      Illustrator: Paula Bustamante

      This book is a song to the magnificent Chilean artist Violeta Parra, sung not by poets or musicians, but by a scientist. Tenline stanzas, the verse form primarily used in Latin American poetry, are preferred by Violeta in her writings
      and in some of her most beautiful songs. The stanzas in the pages of this book describe deep passions.

      Rustic cover book, 20 x 20 cms., opaque couche 170 grs., 52 pages. 4/4, hot melt.

       Among roses and lilies
      a songbird sang
      as a wise caretaker
      of a thousand joys, a thousand sorrows

      But he carried chains
      that restricted his worth
      unable then to traverse
      the wide sky like a comet
      and then and there he asked Violeta

      permission to break out.

      (excerpt winning poem Violeta Liberadora, Alex Guerrero and Camila Rojas, teachers)


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