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    Yellow Green

    Autor: Silvana Salerno (brasilera)
    • SKU: 9789568377434
    • Type: Libro tapa dura
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      Author compiler: Silvana Salerno (brazilian)
      Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit

      Careful selection of five stories picked from the oral storytelling tradition of Brazil, and including beautiful illustrations of areas of that country. These stories have patrimonial value; they are voices from the past, from the first settlers, and explain the origin and circumstances around events, phenomena, and natural beings.

      Rustic cover children's book, 24 x 18,5 hardcover, interior matt coated paper 170 grs., 24 pages. 4/4, hot melt.

      In the beginning, the world was dark, there was no day.
      And because there was no day, the idea of night did not exist, everything
      was always the same.

      While the Sun and Moon walked in the sky, they still did not shine,
      and the only light came from the fireflies
      (extract "The origin of the day")

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