• Description

    Writer: Sebastián Infanta
    Illustrator: Carla Infanta

    Under the lonely night of the Atacama Desert, four little animals discover that the warmest refuge is their friendship. A tender story that raises awareness about conservation of the species that live in our territory.

    Rustic cover children's book, 22 x 22 cms., interior bond paper 140 grs., 36 pages, 4/4, hot melt.


    The sun disappears and a cold night begins in the Atacama Desert.
    Qori the Salamander wiggles between the stone, with short fast steps.
    She needs a shelter, a place to protect herself
    The world can be difficult for such a little animal.

    If there's one thing you can say about the desert, it's that it's a deserted: You can walk
    all nigh without finding anything or anyone -not a single tree, or someone
    with whom to talk- and there are few places that welcome small salamanders in distress.