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    Autor: María Isabel García
    authorMaria Isabel Garcia illustrator: Maria Ignacia de la Carrera Siblings are a family gift as they will accompany us throughout our lives. That is why the role played by fathers, mothers and caregivers in generating a strong, affectionate and facilitati...
    Autor: Héctor Monsalve V.
    Author: Hector Monsalve V.illustrator: Isa Soler Elisa discovers the silence and begins an adventure in which she will try to capture it, eat it, get closer. In its pages he learns the importance of pausing and discovering how to find this new companion. C...
    Autor: Sturton, Margaret
    Writer and illustrator: Sturton, Margaret Herbert loves foxes and he made a pair of fake ears to look like them. But his Mom doesn't understand why he can't just be a good rabbit. A book that encourages us to live peacefully and respectfully with ...
    Autor: Carla Infanta Gabor
    Text and illustrations: Carla Infanta Gabor Living the loss of a loved one is a profound experience.that creates a void that is sometimes difficult to fill.My grandmother is no longer it is a light of hope for those who have lost a loved one, it is a delic...
    Autor: Lilus Kikus
    Writer: Elena Poniatowska (mexican) Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit This magnificent youth novel by Elena Poniatowska tells the story of the transition from childhood to adulthood of Lilus Kikus, a girl who keeps asking questions ans searching ...
    Autor: Paula Bossio
    Writer and illustrator: Paula Bossio Our lives are paths marked with traces intertwined through time, of surprising companions, of laughter but also of absences. Once Upon a Time Maybe, invites us to embrace the encounters, but also to understand the loss...
    Autor: Charles Perrault (francés)
    Writer: Charles Perrault (french) Illustrator: Dani Scharf (uruguayan)   A classic story edited using modern codes of reading and graphic. We use the original version of the text and the moral teaching of Charles Perrault, in counterbala...
    Pack CucoPack Cuco Quick View
    Autor: María Isabel García
    Nuestro clásico de Recrea Ándate Cuco, de María Isabel García, ahora tiene un compañero: el juego de mesa Arráncate Cuco con el que podrás aprender distintas formas de enfrentar y gestionar miedos y situaciones difíciles de manera entretenida  en compañía ...
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    Autor: Juan Manuel Díaz (uruguayo)
    Illustrator: Juan Manuel Díaz (uruguayan) Incredible picture book, with no text, whose images tell the story of a silent and lonely young sailor who is embarking on a journey and carrying a precious cargo. During this journ...
    Autor: Alastair Reid (escocés)
    Writer: Alastair Reid (Scottish) Illustrator: Fernando Krahn Uncle Timothy’s visit changes the life of his little nephew when he arrives one day, unannounced, and carrying a big surprise: a huge box from which he withdraws m...
    Autor: Pablo Möller
    Autor: Pablo Möller Ilustradora: Rocío Dalmau   El amor esa mano extendida que nos invita a cruzar hasta la otra orilla. Un hermoso relato sobre el primer amor, ese que nos marca para siempre por su pureza, sencillez e intensidad.   Tapa dura Formato 25,5 ...
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