• Description
    Writer: Charles Perrault (french)
    Illustrator: Dani Scharf (uruguayan)
    A classic story edited using modern codes of reading and graphic.
    We use the original version of the text and the moral teaching of Charles Perrault, in counterbalance with what would be the moral teaching of our time. Also, in an epilogue, an authoritative voice tells us how to read Little Red Riding Hood and how to talk about these issues in the family.

    Children's book, hardcover, de 16,5 x 21,5 cms., interior bond 140 grs., 24 pages, 4/4, hotmelt

    We see here that teenage girls,
    and especially the elegant, shapely, pretty young girls,
    should not listen to certain people,
    and that we shouldn't consider it a joke
    that the wolf eats so many.
    Extract from the original moral teaching in Charles Perrault's edition.