Autor: Héctor Monsalve V.
    Author: Hector Monsalve V.illustrator: Isa Soler Elisa discovers the silence and begins an adventure in which she will try to capture it, eat it, get closer. In its pages he learns the importance of pausing and discovering how to find this new companion. C...
    Autor: Carla Infanta Gabor
    Text and illustrations: Carla Infanta Gabor Living the loss of a loved one is a profound experience.that creates a void that is sometimes difficult to fill.My grandmother is no longer it is a light of hope for those who have lost a loved one, it is a delic...
    Autor: Marco Andrés Montenegro
    author: Alejandra Stevenson  illustrator: Francesca Mencarini Absenting is an alphabet of emotions for children (and sometimes for adults) to learn to name, distinguish and express them. Awareness of the diversity of emotions will allow you to strengthen y...
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      Promotional pack of the month. One of our novelties this year accompanied by one of the books in our catalogue. This pack is made up of two entertaining and interesting alphabets:- giggly laughs is a very special book: if you like letters, animals, puns ...
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    we want celebrate book month giving you 4 illustrations of our books so you can paint and color as you like.  Just click on each title to download a coloring sheet of our books:📌 my thrush, by Maria Paz Salas📌 My grandmother is no longer, by Carla Infanta📌...
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