A big fat lie
    A big fat lie
    A big fat lie
    A big fat lie
    A big fat lie

    A big fat lie

    Autor: Thierry Robberecht (belga)
    • SKU: 9789569847417
    • Type: Libro tapa dura
    • Description
      Writer: Thierry Robberecht (belgian)
      Illustrator: Estelle Meens

      A lie is not important when it is small, thought Lucas, as he blamed his sister for something he had done. However, that “little lie” became an enormous weight that he carried all the time in his body. It felt like a lie big and fat like an “elephant”!

      Children's hardcover book, de 22 x 22 cms., interior bond 140 grs., 24 pages, 4/4, hotmelt.

      I'm usually a pretty good football player
      but this afternoon while kicking the ball around in the garden,
      I send it straight into the kitchen window
      Crash, crack, crunch
      Dad comes out of the house. He is furious
      -What's going on here?
      -Lucas, are you the one who broke the kitchen window?
      He is so angry I don't dare tell the truth.
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