• Description

    Writer: Adriana Ramírez (colombian)
    Illustrator: Oscar Galindo (colombian)

    Although sometimes we feel alone or distrust the others, friends are great life partner. You have to learn to ask for help or receive it when offered. Because the road is better and more fun when you share it with others.

    Children's book hardcover, 25 x 25 cms.,  interior couché 170 grs. 32 pages, 4/4, with augmented reality with free app.

    This tale is not like the other lion tales,
    because the lion of this story
    is not like the lions of other lion tales

    He is the biggest, strongest and most imposing
    of all lions you can imagine.

    His mane is his pride
    and if he walks around the city, he never goes unnoticed