What are fleas?

    What are fleas?

    Autor: Alejandra Stevenson
    • SKU: 9789568377335
    • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
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      Writer: Alejandra Stevenson
      Illustrator: Vesna Sekulovic

      Aldo, Ana, Diego and Leo's dog, has fleas. To save him from this invasion, the brothers take him to the vet where they ask all the necessary questions to become experts on the subject. They even learn that there are circuses whose stars are none other than these parasites. Not to believe it! Scientific style book, but with narration that gives another rhythm to reading. With this book, boys and girls will be able to learn everything about fleas, ideal for children who feel and like animals and all their strangeness.

      Rustic cover children's book, 22 x 22 cms., interior bond 140 grs., 24 pages. 4/4.

      On the way to school, Diego left thinking
      that no matter how much he had moved the sheets to find
      the flea that had bitten him, he only saw red spots.
      He was not convinced that it had disappeared as if by magic!

      Did you know that there are more than two thousand species of fleas,
      but only 6 bite pets and people?

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