• Description

    Innovative proposal inspired by the successful English (Oxford Reading Tree) and Danish (Fidus) methodology to initiate boys and girls to reading, on the basis that not all of them have the same preferences, skills and learning speeds. The plan is based on three pillars:
    1. Reading increases when texts produce identification (family, school, everyday life). 
    2. As the difficulty is progressive, it allows to generate first successful experiences (I read a book by myself!).
    3. Shared and socialized reading experience (they are books that can be exchanged, recommended, discussed by groups of the same level).

    Set of 6 paperback children's books of 10 pages each, 14 x 17.5 cms. vertical, interior matt couché 170 grs. 4/4.

    Agate is rare. He no longer plays like before.
    Ágata is a little fat.
    Will my food be eaten?
    Why do they run?
    They are all a bit weird.
    Something is wrong, not even Tomás notices me.
    (excerpt What happens to Ágata?)