Pete "Big Ears" Rows Home
    Pete "Big Ears" Rows Home
    Pete "Big Ears" Rows Home
    Pete "Big Ears" Rows Home

    Pete "Big Ears" Rows Home

    Autor: Mariana Ramírez
    • SKU: 9789568377960
    • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
    • Description

      Writer: Mariana Ramírez
      Illustrator: Maritza Piña

      This is the story of Pete, a simple, peaceful man who every day tries to “row against the current” and be happy with his life. The villagers are surprised by his ways and, believing he is poor, try to help him by giving him things. They soon realize Pete is happy just as he is, and likes to share what little he has. The story tells us that simple things are the ones that give us happiness.

      Rustic cover children's book, 13 x 18 cms. vertical, interior bone-coloured bond paper 80 grs., 40 pages, 4/4 cover, 1/1 inside, holt melt.


      It was a normal day in the village of Aguas Pabajo.
      Until, as sometimes happens, it stopped being so.
      On the bank of the village's only river,
      dragging boat made of a few pieces of wood,
      came a man of a rather peculiar appearance.

      He was this skinny, no taller than this, and his ears
      Big as this!
      Nothing out of the ordinary, it's true,
      but nothing that common either — so why should we pretend.

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