• Description

    Writer: María José Chible
    Illustrator: Roser Matas 

    Noah is a dog who, like many, has adventures and experiences worth telling. However, the most significant one is that he was abandoned as a puppy and how he found his adoptive family. How important is it to be responsible for the life of a pet? Noah will give you clues to understand this and will share with you how being adopted by a family who loves you and is responsible for your wellbeing changes the life of a pet.

    Children's book, hardcover, 20 x 20 cms., opaque couché interior 170 grs., 20 pages.

    When I got tired, I looked everywhere. Where is everyone? - I thought.
    I realized that they were gone and that I was alone. And in the middle of the city! I asked the little animals there for a little corner to sleep,
    but they had no room for me! I began to shiver with fear.

    The city was definitely not a good place for a puppy like me:
    I couldn't find food or water, and everyone would yell or scold me