Poems that spin
    Poems that spin
    Poems that spin
    Poems that spin

    Poems that spin

    Autor: Fernanda Arrau
    • SKU: 9789568377366
    • Type: Libro tapa rústica con solapas
    • Description

      Compiler: Fernanda Arrau
      Illustrator: Virginia Donoso

      This book is an invitation to explore the universe and changes in the solar system and in nature through poems that emerge from the collective imagination of national authors of the classical tradition, and from young writers, and representatives of Ibero-American poetry. 

      Rustic cover children's book, 14 x 21.5 cms. vertical, inner bond 106 grs., 52 pages, 4/4 cover, 1/1 inside.

      The moon hides
      Does anyone know where,
      if in a well or in a cave?
      It's that it's full moon!

      Finally seen
      same as one of.
      He is smiling.
      It's a crescent quarter!
      (extract La Luna, Carmen Gil)

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