In the garden
    In the garden
    In the garden
    In the garden
    In the garden

    In the garden

    Autor: Ana Jaramillo (colombiana)
    • SKU: 978956847394
    • Type: Libro boardbook
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      Writer: Ana Jaramillo (colombian)
      Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit

      This story is an invitation to look at our natural environment through the prism of the seasons. Biodiversity is our friend and this poetic story shows us how the life cycle repeats itself with rythmic melody. Sold Right on 2017, National Geographic Learning | Cengage Learning

      Below we invite you to download a video of the book for free!

      Children's book boardbook, 18 x 18 cms., interior matt coated paper 170 grs., 20 pages. 4/4, hot melt.

      In a soft cradle of earth,
      the sleeping seed awaits its birth
      Chasing sleep, the raindrops come;
      her branches rise to meet the morning sun

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