A simple seed?
A simple seed?
A simple seed?
A simple seed?
A simple seed?

A simple seed?

Autor: Luz Philippi
  • SKU: 9789569847073
  • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
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    Writer and Illustrator: Luz Philippi

    The wonders of nature from the viewpoint of a simple seed. How does life start from a seed? How does such a tiny thing contain such an incredible plot? An informative book that invites us to explore the science of biology, and
    expands our awareness of the natural environment in which we live. 

    Rustic cover children's book, 20 x 20 cms., interior bond paper 106 grs., 26 pages. 4/4, hot melt.


    Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a sedd
    I live inside a watermelon, next to another 250 seeds
    all almost identical to me.

    None of us produced this watermelon.
    He came from another one, just like any of us.

    We were born, fed and grew protected
    within the watermelon. It took us 3 months
    to develop -watermelon and seeds

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