New Birdie
New Birdie
New Birdie
New Birdie
New Birdie

New Birdie

Autor: Marcela Abarzúa
  • SKU: 9789569847325
  • Type: Libro tapa dura
  • Description

    Writer: Marcela Abarzúa
    Illustrator: Valentina Muñoz

    New Birdie is an opportunity to reflect on prejudices that we sometimes have about a person who is different. In a simple, accessible way, this book 
    addresses concepts like difference, the other, migration and prejudice, plus
    equality, inclusion, and friendship, opening a window to the dialogue we need to have to look at ourselves and reflect on empathy and valuing difference.

    Children's book, hardcover, 16 x 16 cm., matte Ivory interior, 16 pages, 4/4, hot melt.

    My name is round birdie
    and I live with my family in a beatiful neighborhood.

    New neighbors moved into house number 3 on my street
    and they are very different from all the people in my family.

    They dress, eat, and even speak differently.
    They seem so strange that I was a little bit scared.

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