My little Thrush
My little Thrush
My little Thrush
My little Thrush

My little Thrush

Autor: María Paz Salas
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  • Type: Libro tapa dura
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    Writer and illustrator: María Paz Salas

    Someone small and fragile appeared in my garden. I want to keep it but father and mother taught me that it is nature where it belongs. A delicate and kind conversation that ponders about relations and affections based on freedom.

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    Children's book, hardcover, 24,5 x 18,5 cms. oblong, matte Ivory interior 170 grs., 20 pages. 4/4, hot melt.

    I found someone in my garden today.
    Her parent were nowhere to be found.
    I'll take care of her and give her everything he needs! - I announced.
    _His parents dig up his food, how will you do it? - asked my Mom.
    I can give her the leftlovers of my spaguetti! - I exclaimed.


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