Elizabeth laughs silently.

Elizabeth laughs silently.

Autor: Héctor Monsalve V.
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  • Type: Libro tapa dura
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    Author: Hector Monsalve V.
    illustrator: Isa Soler

    Elisa discovers the silence and begins an adventure in which she will try to capture it, eat it, get closer. In its pages he learns the importance of pausing and discovering how to find this new companion.


    Hardcover children's story, 21 x 20 cms., 140 g bond interior, 20 4/4 pages.


    Chilean product.


    When Elisa discovered the silence,
    couldn't say a word.
    He pursed his lips, puffed out his cheeks
    and looked from side to side.
    What was that filling the room?



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