The Journey
The Journey
The Journey
The Journey

The Journey

Autor: María de la Luz Uribe
  • SKU: 9789568377373
  • Type: Libro tapa dura
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    Writer: María de la Luz Uribe
    Illustrator: Fernando Krahn

    Tic and Tac have prepared for a trip, they have taken all the
    precautions just in case something unexpected happens. With the easy
    narrative style of Maria de la Luz Uribe, and Fernando Krahn’s superb
    technique for illustrations, the authors show us how simple it can be to
    embark in a new journey taking only what is necessary. 

    Rustic cover children's book, 24,5 x 18,2 hardcover, interior yarn paper 140 grs., 28 pages. 4/4, hot melt.


    Tic says to Tac:
    "We're going on a trip
    and I have very little
    because I didn't bring much."

    And Tac says:
    "I'm carrying a suitcase
    because I never know
    what I'll find down the road"

    And he takes a bag
    and coat and a hat,
    and a bathing suit
    and things like that. 



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