Go Away Cuco
Go Away Cuco
Go Away Cuco

Go Away Cuco

Autor: María Isabel García
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  • Type: Libro tapa dura
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    Writer: María Isabel García 
    Illustrator: Pablo Véliz

    Storybook focused on the theme of fears "the boogymen", boys and girls live with and how to control them.

    In a story full of emotions, the author manages in a simple, direct and demostrative way, to present a common reality in the world of children and human beings: the fears that paralyze us, prevent us from thinking clearly and restrict us.

    Go Away Cuco is a book that invites us to read together and discover that we can identify our fears and manage them.

    This book is the result of the author's -a psychologist- decades of clinical work.

    Below we invite you to download the audiobook and a video for free!


    Children's book, hardcover, 24 x 24 cms., couche matte interior 170 g, 24 pages, 4/4.

    Hello, I'm Cuco
    Have you heard about me?

    I am famous and most everyone knows me.
    Some describe me as a strange and fearful creature,
    dark and hairy, always hiding in the shadows.

    I like that a lot!
    For others though, I am like a recurring throught that makes them uncomfortable and that shows up when things get hard.

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