Poesía para la niñez

    Autor: Sebastián Robert
    Author: Sebastian Robertillustrator: Alexis Vivallo In the depth of the sea, a small coral watches as the fish swim and the crabs walk without understanding why he is different. A story that invites you to talk with boys and girls from their first years of...
    Autor: Eduardo Guerrero del Río
    Writer: Eduardo Guerrero del Río Illustrator: Maritza Piña Beautiful poetry book inspired on the figure of a little baby boy who discovers the wonders of the sea and the earth through a simple harmony of verses. To be read as a lullaby or as...
    Autor: Héctor Monsalve V.
    Author: Hector Monsalve V.illustrator: Isa Soler Elisa discovers the silence and begins an adventure in which she will try to capture it, eat it, get closer. In its pages he learns the importance of pausing and discovering how to find this new companion. C...
    Autor: Ana Jaramillo (colombiana)
    Writer: Ana Jaramillo (colombian) Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit This story is an invitation to look at our natural environment through the prism of the seasons. Biodiversity is our friend and this poetic story shows us how...
    Autor: Fernanda Arrau
    Compiler: Fernanda Arrau Illustrator: Virginia Donoso An anthology of children’s poetry about animals, divided according to their characteristics. The authors take on the challenge of exploring children's literature, giving u...
    Autor: Fernanda Arrau
    Compiler: Fernanda Arrau Illustrator: Virginia Donoso This book is an invitation to explore the universe and changes in the solar system and in nature through poems that emerge from the collective imagination of national authors of the classical tradition...
    Autor: Teo Sastre (español)
    Writer: Teo Sastre (Spanish) Illustrator: Soledad Sebastián Poetic story that, under the pictogram methodology, allows mediators to promote the sensation of reading in children who learn to speak, also promoting attachment and shared reading. A ver...
    Autor: Enrique Lara
    Writer: Enrique Lara Illustrator:  Luis Fernando García The whispers of the wind are sung by the trees. How many forests do we carry in our eyes? Up and down, here and there, far away; maybe very close. In the vastness of the universe man...
    Autor: Fernanda Arrau
    Compiler: Fernanda Arrau Illustrator: Andrea Ugarte Children's poetry anthology about traditional as well as current children's games. Includes poems about group and solitary games, games using objects, technology games, and many others that live ...
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