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    Autor: María José Chible
    Writer: María José Chible Illustrator: Roser Matas  Noah is a dog who, like many, has adventures and experiences worth telling. However, the most significant one is that he was abandoned as a puppy and how he found his adoptiv...
    Autor: Adriana Ramírez (colombiana)
    Writer: Adriana Ramírez (colombian) Illustrator: Oscar Galindo (colombian) Although sometimes we feel alone or distrust the others, friends are great life partner. You have to learn to ask for help or receive it when offered. Because the road is be...
    Autor: Lilus Kikus
    Writer: Elena Poniatowska (mexican) Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit This magnificent youth novel by Elena Poniatowska tells the story of the transition from childhood to adulthood of Lilus Kikus, a girl who keeps asking questions ans searching ...
    Autor: Enrique Lara
    Writer: Enrique Lara Illustrator:  Luis Fernando García The whispers of the wind are sung by the trees. How many forests do we carry in our eyes? Up and down, here and there, far away; maybe very close. In the vastness of the universe man...
    Autor: Beda
    Writer and illustrator: Beda Sally is a little frog wholikes to jump, swim, and dance... but when night falls, she doesn't like the dark! A sweet tale to talk to boys and girls about their fears and how to deal with them. Book boardbook, 12,5 x 12,5 ...
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