La familia

    Autor: María Isabel García
    authorMaria Isabel Garcia illustrator: Maria Ignacia de la Carrera Siblings are a family gift as they will accompany us throughout our lives. That is why the role played by fathers, mothers and caregivers in generating a strong, affectionate and facilitati...
    Autor: Paula Bossio
    Writer and illustrator: Paula Bossio Es desconcertante cuando te das cuenta de que algo es extraño en cada uno de los que te rodean; en la calle, en la escuela y en el parque... A menudo te preguntas por qué son tan raras las personas, ...
    Autor: Carla Infanta Gabor
    Text and illustrations: Carla Infanta Gabor Living the loss of a loved one is a profound experience.that creates a void that is sometimes difficult to fill.My grandmother is no longer it is a light of hope for those who have lost a loved one, it is a delic...
    Autor: Alastair Reid (escocés)
    Writer: Alastair Reid (Scottish) Illustrator: Fernando Krahn Uncle Timothy’s visit changes the life of his little nephew when he arrives one day, unannounced, and carrying a big surprise: a huge box from which he withdraws m...
    Autor: Paula Fränkel
    Author and illustrator: Paula Fränkel Maruca has discovered some strange and suspicious green balls in her soup.This time Maruca does not want to eat and seeks again to challenge the adults, to resistand ask. A story to read and share at mealtime. Characte...
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