Friendship and Collaboration

    Autor: María Isabel García
    authorMaria Isabel Garcia illustrator: Maria Ignacia de la Carrera Siblings are a family gift as they will accompany us throughout our lives. That is why the role played by fathers, mothers and caregivers in generating a strong, affectionate and facilitati...
    Autor: Sebastián Robert
    Author: Sebastian Robertillustrator: Alexis Vivallo In the depth of the sea, a small coral watches as the fish swim and the crabs walk without understanding why he is different. A story that invites you to talk with boys and girls from their first years of...
    Autor: María José Chible
    Writer: María José Chible Illustrator: Roser Matas  Noah is a dog who, like many, has adventures and experiences worth telling. However, the most significant one is that he was abandoned as a puppy and how he found his adoptiv...
    Autor: Marcela Abarzúa
    Writer: Marcela Abarzúa Illustrator: Valentina Muñoz New Birdie is an opportunity to reflect on prejudices that we sometimes have about a person who is different. In a simple, accessible way, this book  addresses con...
    Autor: María Fernanda Piderit
    Writer: María Fernanda Piderit Illustrator: Paz Piderit The Girl is the most beloved kitten in the port city. One evening watching the sea she has a dream. Do you want to go along to fulfill it? Book boardbook, 12,5 x 12,5 cms., cardb...
    Autor: Adriana Ramírez (colombiana)
    Writer: Adriana Ramírez (colombian) Illustrator: Oscar Galindo (colombian) Although sometimes we feel alone or distrust the others, friends are great life partner. You have to learn to ask for help or receive it when offered. Because the road is be...
    Autor: Sebastián Infanta
    Writer: Sebastián Infanta Illustrator: Carla Infanta Under the lonely night of the Atacama Desert, four little animals discover that the warmest refuge is their friendship. A tender story that raises awareness about conserv...
    Autor: María Isabel del Valle
    Writer: María Isabel del Valle Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit Tic Tac is a story that brings children to the importance of respecting schedules: to sleep, eat, play... Tic tac is a watch that always runs out of time. His friends Tic&nbs...
    Autor: Verónica Gálvez
    Writer: Verónica Gálvez Illustrator: Fernando Pinto Martina is a girl dedicated to taekwondo since she was 5 years old. He always attends all the championships and, because of a planned family trip, he cannot go to a very important one. A do...
    Autor: Beda
    Writer and illustrator: Beda Sally is a little frog wholikes to jump, swim, and dance... but when night falls, she doesn't like the dark! A sweet tale to talk to boys and girls about their fears and how to deal with them. Book boardbook, 12,5 x 12,5 ...
    Autor: María de la Luz Uribe
    Writer: María de la Luz Uribe Illustrator: Fernando Krahn Tic and Tac have prepared for a trip, they have taken all the precautions just in case something unexpected happens. With the easy narrative style of Maria de la Luz Uribe, an...
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