Científicos del futuro

    Autor: Luz Philippi
    Writer and Illustrator: Luz Philippi The wonders of nature from the viewpoint of a simple seed. How does life start from a seed? How does such a tiny thing contain such an incredible plot? An informative book that invites us to&nb...
    Writer: Verónica Díaz-Muniz Illustrator: Gianfranco Giordano     Mr. Canelita is sent by a scientific group on a very important aquatica mission: to explore the behavior of the coconut crab and the hammerhead shark. In...
    Autor: Alejandra Stevenson
    Writer: Alejandra Stevenson Illustrator: Vesna Sekulovic Aldo, Ana, Diego and Leo's dog, has fleas. To save him from this invasion, the brothers take him to the vet where they ask all the necessary questions to become experts on the subject. They even...
    Autor: Varios autores, ACHIPEC
    Coordinator: various authors, ACHIPEC Illustrator: Paula Bustamante This book is a song to the magnificent Chilean artist Violeta Parra, sung not by poets or musicians, but by a scientist. Tenline stanzas, the verse form primarily ...
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