Aprender y jugar

    Autor: Marcelo Caracci
    Writer: Marcelo Caracci Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit   Fun book for early childhood that encourages learning the numbers in a playful and easy way. Winner of the 2007 Award given by the Chilean Chamber of Books.   Children&...
    Autor: Adriana Ramírez (colombiana)
    Writer: Adriana Ramírez (colombian) Illustrator: Oscar Galindo (colombian) Although sometimes we feel alone or distrust the others, friends are great life partner. You have to learn to ask for help or receive it when offered. Because the road is be...
    Autor: Alejandra Stevenson
    author: Alejandra Stevenson  illustrator: Francesca Mencarini Absenting is an alphabet of emotions for children (and sometimes for adults) to learn to name, distinguish and express them. Awareness of the diversity of emotions will allow you to strengthen y...
    Autor: Virginia Donoso
    Author and illustrator:  Virginia Donoso giggly laughs is a very special book: if you like letters, animals, puns and, above all, if you like to laugh, this alphabet is for you. Laughing laughter is a book that can be enjoyed at any age. Do not let him go!...
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