Amantes de los animales

    Autor: María José Chible
    Writer: María José Chible Illustrator: Roser Matas  Noah is a dog who, like many, has adventures and experiences worth telling. However, the most significant one is that he was abandoned as a puppy and how he found his adoptiv...
    Autor: María Paz Salas
    Writer and illustrator: María Paz Salas Someone small and fragile appeared in my garden. I want to keep it but father and mother taught me that it is nature where it belongs. A delicate and kind conversation that ponders about relations and affecti...
    Autor: Sebastián Infanta
    Writer: Sebastián Infanta Illustrator: Carla Infanta Under the lonely night of the Atacama Desert, four little animals discover that the warmest refuge is their friendship. A tender story that raises awareness about conserv...
    Autor: Paz Errázuriz
    Author and Photographer: Paz Errázuriz Inspiring photo-book of the National Plastic Arts Awardee, the renowned photographer Paz Errázuriz, who reveals the everyday life of a house from the perspective of a hen, called Amalia, full of pe...
    Autor: María Paz Salas
    author: Alejandra Stevenson  illustrator: Francesca Mencarini Absenting is an alphabet of emotions for children (and sometimes for adults) to learn to name, distinguish and express them. Awareness of the diversity of emotions will allow you to strengthen y...
    Autor: María José Chible V. y Francisca Aspe
    author: Maria Jose Chible V. and Francisca Aspe illustrator: Roser Matas Puppy Noah's adventures continue as he makes new friends and learns interesting stories. Join him in this opportunity to learn the story of the kitten Ofelina, a feline member of her ...
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