7 a 9 años

    Autor: Carla Infanta Gabor
    Text and illustrations: Carla Infanta Gabor Living the loss of a loved one is a profound experience.that creates a void that is sometimes difficult to fill.My grandmother is no longer it is a light of hope for those who have lost a loved one, it is a delic...
    Autor: Héctor Monsalve V.
    Author: Hector Monsalve V.illustrator: Isa Soler Elisa discovers the silence and begins an adventure in which she will try to capture it, eat it, get closer. In its pages he learns the importance of pausing and discovering how to find this new companion. C...
    Autor: Charles Perrault (francés)
    Writer: Charles Perrault (french) Illustrator: Dani Scharf (uruguayan)   A classic story edited using modern codes of reading and graphic. We use the original version of the text and the moral teaching of Charles Perrault, in counterbala...
    Autor: Verónica Gálvez
    Writer: Verónica Gálvez Illustrator: Fernando Pinto Martina is a girl dedicated to taekwondo since she was 5 years old. He always attends all the championships and, because of a planned family trip, he cannot go to a very important one. A do...
    Autor: Mariana Ramírez
    Writer: Mariana Ramírez Illustrator: Maritza Piña This is the story of Pete, a simple, peaceful man who every day tries to “row against the current” and be happy with his life. The villagers are surprised by h...
    Autor: María de la Luz Uribe
    Writer: María de la Luz Uribe Illustrator: Fernando Krahn Tic and Tac have prepared for a trip, they have taken all the precautions just in case something unexpected happens. With the easy narrative style of Maria de la Luz Uribe, an...
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