3 a 5 años

    Autor: Sebastián Robert
    Author: Sebastian Robertillustrator: Alexis Vivallo In the depth of the sea, a small coral watches as the fish swim and the crabs walk without understanding why he is different. A story that invites you to talk with boys and girls from their first years of...
    Autor: María de la Luz Marqués R. y Fabiola Molina H.
    Writers: María de la Luz Marqués R. y Fabiola Molina H. Illustrators: Isabel Zambelli M. Chacham! Are micro-stories that contribute to the emotional learning of children in early childhood, a necessary exercise to achieve self-regulatio...
    Autor: Marcelo Caracci
    Writer: Marcelo Caracci Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit   Fun book for early childhood that encourages learning the numbers in a playful and easy way. Winner of the 2007 Award given by the Chilean Chamber of Books.   Children&...
    Autor: María Isabel del Valle
    Writer: María Isabel del Valle Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit Tic Tac is a story that brings children to the importance of respecting schedules: to sleep, eat, play... Tic tac is a watch that always runs out of time. His friends Tic&nbs...
    Autor: Paula Frankël (argentina)
    Writer and illustrator: Paula Frankël (Argentina) Maruca likes to do things her way but sometimes that gets her in trouble!   Below we invite you to download the audiobook for free! Children's book, hardcover, de 16 x 16 ...
    Autor: María Fernanda Piderit
    Writer and illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit Tender tale about a shadow that loses its child and how it invites us to play to find it. Shadows will be an aesthetic trick to discover new shapes and contours.  Rustic cover children's book...
    Autor: Paula Fränkel
    Author and illustrator: Paula Fränkel Maruca has discovered some strange and suspicious green balls in her soup.This time Maruca does not want to eat and seeks again to challenge the adults, to resistand ask. A story to read and share at mealtime. Characte...
    Autor: Carla Infanta y Cristián Prado
    author: Alejandra Stevenson  illustrator: Francesca Mencarini Absenting is an alphabet of emotions for children (and sometimes for adults) to learn to name, distinguish and express them. Awareness of the diversity of emotions will allow you to strengthen y...
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