Palotes the Pets
Palotes the Pets

Palotes the Pets

Autor: Carolina Castro
  • SKU: 9789568377212
  • Type: Libro tapa rústica sin solapas
  • Description
    Writer: Carolina Castro
    Illustrator: Leonidas Loyola
    This collection, aimed at first readers and based on a successful Danish methotodology, consists of six series of 5 books each. They have an easy structure and language, with illustrations that support the content and unexpected endings. The purpose is for children to understand what they read and to have a successful, enjoyable and autonomous reading experience. The set can also be used with early childhood reading mediation, as they have a very short text.
    Children's set of 5 books in a PVC container, 13,6 x 16 cms., cover and interior couché 170 grs., each book 8 pages, 4/4. 
    These are the pets.
    They live in the garden.
    The hamster lives in the pot.
    The lizard lives under the stone.
    The frog lives in the pond.
    The turtle lives in the grass.

    Pets play in the morning.
    and sleep at night.
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