Pack for 8 years and over

    Pack for 8 years and over

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      Set of 6 books to read to boys and girls from the age of 8, which propose interesting topics to talk about either with adults or between boys and girls, with age-related themes that will stimulate their autonomy, their self-validation and empathy, as well as the discovery of the world and animal care. The illustrations in this group of titles contribute to reading, either autonomously or with mediation, since they are album books.

      The format/materiality of the books is hard cover for autonomous manipulation.

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      9789568377892 QUILTERS
      9789568377960 PETE DOSPAILAS ROWS HOME
      9789569847073 A SIMPLE PIE
      9789569847455 ONLY A LION (Recreate edition)
      9789569847431 RED RIDING HOOD
      9789569847516 LILUS KIKUS
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