Myths and Legends

    Autor: María Teresa Johansson
    Adaptation: Mary Teresa Johansson Illustrator: Juan Urrejola Delving into Mapuche mythology is a real pleasure in the hands of the soft watercolors in this book, which explain the origin of the world. With a successful adaptation by the linguist...
    Autor: Macarena Roca Leiva
    Writer: Macarena Roca Leiva Illustrator: Pamela Martínez Rod Inspiring book that reveals the ancestral traditions of the Mapuche people through the figure of Domitila Cuyul, Master of Peace of the Williche, according to UNESCO an intangible cultura...
    Autor: Silvana Salerno (brasilera)
    Author compiler: Silvana Salerno (brazilian) Illustrator: María Fernanda Piderit Careful selection of five stories picked from the oral storytelling tradition of Brazil, and including beautiful illustrations of areas of that cou...
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